Sat. Nov 28th, 2020


UOB Life offers business ideas for startups and other startup trends today. In recent years, startups have become a very popular trend movement. Startups are called almost every business project. Does each product launched on the market really have to be called a startup? What IT business ideas that have emerged over the past five years are relevant and trendy in 2019? You will find this and many interesting things in our website.

The full immersion of humanity in the information age is a threshold for technological progress that began in the middle of the 20th century and is not easy. The development of information technologies, to date, sets new opportunities and trends. The market is full of the latest gadgets, widgets, which are used by the majority of the world’s population. Mankind and technology are already beginning to influence each other. In this interaction, it is important to catch the agenda of tomorrow’s trend: what exactly does the consumer want today, what he wants tomorrow, how to give it to him, and how to implement tech.

A technical startup is not just the creation and launch of a new product or service under the conditions of the highest uncertainty and risks, but a huge difficult, thorny and often unpredictable path, which requires a huge amount of effort, patience and finance.

Startups are one of the most powerful drivers of IT industry development. The five trends that will have an impact on the startup industry in 2019 are described below.

Machine learning

This is the number one well-deserved topic at all IT conferences and discussions. Machine learning is being developed with a huge amount of resources. Machines haven’t won us yet, but they clearly influence how we work, live and spend our leisure time. Machine learning today is used in almost all modern technologies. Machine learning can take on all the most routine processes, thus giving employees the opportunity to channel their energy in a more efficient way.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) – the connection of devices (from home appliances and sensors for household use to global logistics solutions) in any network for their interaction. They can collect data and exchange incoming information from embedded services. Able to connect – M2M is a machine to the machine, without human intervention. Devices can generate large amounts of data, which can be further accumulated and analyzed, using them to improve comfort, or to make business decisions. In addition to the development of the impact of IoT, more companies are already involved, and the list of these companies in the coming years will only increase, covering an even greater number of industries and areas, penetrating into all spheres of human life.


Sales are steadily starting to move from offline to the online site. Monthly, the online sales market increases to 20%. Against the backdrop of the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry over the past decade, it has become clear that electronic trading platforms monopolize the market, thereby winning the market from online stores. Most companies understand that online presence is not a whim, but a necessity. To date, there are more than forty influential marketplaces. Which help, to create a business without much time and money. Working to improve the quality of service, marketplaces provide themselves with competitiveness, and a large coverage of the trade market.

3D printers

3D printing technology helps to reduce production time by several times, so they are trying to implement them in many areas. In theory, all of the objects that surround us can be printed with a 3D printer. Printers are used in such industries as medicine, construction, automotive, industrial sector, and space. Perhaps in the next 10-15 years, printing suits, shoes, cars and houses will become a commonplace, accessible to everyone. Now is the dawn of 3D printer technology development, and this is a very good investment opportunity.

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