Sat. Nov 28th, 2020

Startup Ideas

As a rule, startups are concentrated in the sphere of IT-technologies. We decided to create a collection of ideas that were created and implemented by ordinary people.
This step is intended to inspire you to implement your own ideas, even if there is no special education or many years of experience.

Eco-friendly idea: a special shampoo

“Nephentes looks like an enema or something.”

In fact, this idea of a startup can have a significant impact on the environment.

Few people think about it, but the usual plastic bottles made of soap-eyed bottles are environmentally harmful products. The decomposition period of one bottle can be hundreds of years!

Remember how many bottles you use in your life?

According to the idea of this startup, manufacturers make products in huge containers, pouring the right portion into the bottles of “Nephentes” customers.

Curiously, the design does not even involve the use of a cap! The neck is simply bent and inserted into the compartment.

Another plus: you can finally use the product 100%, including what’s usually left at the bottom.

The Indian idea for a startup

If you think that in India they can only dance and make films, then you should be surprised – in this country there were not so few ideas for startups.

Interestingly, there is even a kind of analogue of the American Silicon Valley.

In addition, India is really interested in the issue of huge amounts of garbage on the streets. Innovative ideas appear regularly.

For example, an edible spoon is a great alternative to plastic appliances. After a meal it can be used as a dessert or, of course, just throw it away.

It is obvious that such “material” as flour decomposes as quickly as possible and is absolutely harmless to nature.

The creators also assure that the product can be easily eaten by vegetarians. And in the future it is even planned to develop a gluten-free version.

The idea for fans of harmful food

Which one of us is not familiar with such a problem: gently take the chips or something fatty, and the fingers get dirty so that you have to go wash them.

And you have to be very careful not to get anything caught and dirty!

In Italy, a startup appeared, the idea of which is to create fingertips. They are very thin, but the latex fits your fingers tightly.

Thanks to this, consumers can enjoy the delicious delicacies in peace, and then just throw away the “nozzles”.

It is supposed that these devices will be sold not independently, but in a set with chips, nuts or similar food, for which they are invented.

Startup: “folding” napkins

But the idea of this startup is designed for higher cuisine – that is, for restaurants. It appeared as a reaction to the fact that the usual napkin holders are already becoming obsolete.

But the napkins pressed into a small round “washer” is another matter. To use such a thing, visitors must immerse the “pill” in an antiseptic solution.

And then the fabric turns around, gets a pleasant smell, and even becomes a “murder weapon” of harmful germs on your hands.

It is not necessary to estimate at once the increased expenses for owners of restaurant business: these towels are not disposable. So the idea of a startup won’t hurt your wallet or the environment.

Startup idea with social value

Startups are often designed to solve global problems, rather than just improve the already comfortable life of consumers.

For example, a special supermarket, WeFood, was created in Denmark. Its concept is that here they sell goods that cannot be placed on the shelves of “decent” stores.

Incorrect labelling, torn packages, approaching expiration date or even expiration date – all of this is usually a reason to write off, return or even dispose of goods.

Meanwhile, even in Denmark there are many people who have to save on everything.

The idea of a supermarket has not only helped people with low incomes to eat more nutritionally. It has also revealed a 25% reduction in the amount of food thrown away across the country!

This is such a useful and, strange as it may seem, profitable startup.

Domestic ideas for startups

Although the words “conditions of economic decline” have already become a classic for the texts for the reality of Russian entrepreneurship, in the sphere of startups everything is not so bad.
The “buy and sell” orientation is gradually yielding to the innovative approach.

Original solutions still do not have such powerful state support as in other countries.

Nevertheless, their number is increasing, and investors are ready to invest their funds. This is particularly evident in the diversity of ideas for a startup in 2016.

A startup that you have heard of

Have you ever seen the original photo processing in an installation that turns an ordinary frame into an artistic canvas? You probably already know what you’re talking about.

For the rest of you, let’s be clear – the Prisma app is a service that allows you to process users’ photos in an original way.

For many people it will be a surprise that Russian programmers have developed Prism. Moreover, its creator is a former employee of the well-known

Feature of the program consists that it not simply imposes over a card any filters.

Thanks to use of algorithms of neural networks (about which you too could hear much), Prism analyzes a shot, and then creates it from scratch. But in the form of a picture.

The fact that this application is now known to almost everyone is already an indicator of success. It remains to add that the administration of “Facebook” banned the use of the program in its network only because it considered it competitive.

How to start a business without initial capital?

The idea for a startup on cards

It is believed that various storage and discount cards are gradually becoming a thing of the past. At least because no one wants to carry dozens of options, not knowing what kind of card is needed.
The developers of the “Cardberry” startup came to the idea of creating a device that can accommodate all kinds of cards.

We will not go into technical details. The essence is that any cards of the user as though are entered in memory of this electronic device.

Every time a person needs a certain card, he enters a special application and chooses it.

“Cardberry adjusts to the choice and becomes a full replacement for the card.

The startup idea for a comfortable life

You may not know SVET yet, but you have every chance to hear about them.

As the name suggests, the team offers lighting equipment. What is the innovativeness of this idea for a startup?

The fact is that the company’s bulbs are designed to simulate conventional natural lighting.

Moreover, the device settings can be adjusted (for example, according to the time of day or night).

This startup idea is not only original and adds more comfort to everyday life. But it also has a beneficial effect on human health.

Perhaps, the idea has only one minus: at the moment one device is estimated at $ 70. The amount is too high for Russians. Nevertheless, the startup is in demand abroad.

The above ideas for startups only emphasize that anyone can create a business on an innovative idea. The field of startups is not limited to the sphere of IT-technologies.

The main thing is that you bring something new and useful to the world.

And if the idea is worthwhile, and the implementation is diligent, it can gild you, no matter how trivial it sounds.